Ian Hammond

Ian loves welcoming the nations at Northwestern University. He graduated from Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, MS with an Masters of Divinity. While working with RUF International as an intern, Ian was convinced that serving internationals was the best job in the world. Upon graduation, Ian and Hanna moved to Evanston, IL to plant an RUF International at Northwestern University. Ian enjoys good movies, good books, and being a mediocre basketball player.


hanna hammond 

Hanna met Ian through RUF when they were college students. She had the chance to be an international student herself in South Korea. It was there she was made aware of the needs of international students and decided to do her best to befriend and welcome them back in the US. Hanna studied accounting in undergrad and got an MBA.  Hanna loves to travel, try authentic international cuisine, and considers herself a foodie.