Dear Ian and Hanna,
How time flies. This is my fourth month in the US. And here comes Thanksgiving. I could still remember the very first day I arrived in America. It was you who picked me up at the airport and drove me to the campus. After the 36-hour exhausting flight, I walked out of the cabin and saw you waiting for me with a welcome board and your warm smiles.
The scenery, along with your smiles constituted my first impression of America, which I will definitely never forget.
And then, something went wrong with my key to the house that I rented. And you helped me out with the first challenge that I met in the US.
I can also remember other things that you have done for me, including giving me rides, helping me apply for a phone number, taking me to experience Christian events, and so on.
Now that it is Thanksgiving today, and also the first Thanksgiving for me in the US, I would like to take this as an opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for your consistent help and patience in my first year.
— J

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  • Almost 8,000 international students and scholars
  • Over 100 countries represented
  • Top 10 countries: China, India, South Korea, Canada, Turkey, Taiwan, Brazil, Israel, Great Britian, and Japan
  • 2 Campuses (Chicago and Evanston)
  • Ranked as the 22nd leading university in the world
  • These international scholars represent the top 5% of their nations’ most promising youth - future global leaders. 
  • 70% of international students are getting their Masters or Doctorate
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